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About LJJ Barber Shop

My name is Jonel Louis-Jean. Very early in my childhood, I had a passion for arts this passion has led me to become the multidimensional artist I am today who continues to evolve as a barber, a painter, a poet, a singer, a music composer, and a blue belt karateka. It has been over 20 years since I started working in the hairdressing industry as a barber. But it was informal because I worked as a self-taught barber. In 2019, when I thought of a career in this sector, I decided to go to a hairdressing school in Edmonton

Where I enrolled and attended “Mr. Barber’s School” to obtain what I lacked when I worked as a self-taught barber. Today, I am very pleased to have worked for a year in one of the most popular salons in Yellowknife(PH8 Salon Studio). Following my experience in this line of work, I am enthused to be a great contributor to my community by bridging the gap in services.